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Specialised Services - Policy and Specification Consultation March 2015


30 day public consultation on a number of new proposed clinical commissioning policies and service specifications for specialised services. Service specifications set out what is expected from providers and define access to a service. They also set out a series of core and developmental standards: core standards are those which any reasonable provider of a service should be able to demonstrate, whilst developmental standards are in place to improve services over a period of time. Clinical commissioning policies set out NHS England’s position in relation to the commissioning of particular specialised service or treatment, describing what will, and will not, be commissioned. NHS England developed these draft national service specifications and policies with the support and input of lead clinicians and patient and public representatives. They now wish to test them further with wider groups of stakeholders. The 33 policies, five service specifications and two other commissioning products (Chemotherapy algorithms for multiple myeloma and UK Genetic Testing Network new test recommendations) are now open for consultation until 23 April 2015.