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The Future of Primary Care in Brent


“Who would be a doctor?” is the topic of Brent Patient Voice public meeting and debate on Thursday 15th November at the Learie Constantine Centre, 40-47 Dudden Hill Lane, NW10 2ET at 7pm (refreshments from 6.30).

Theye are focussing on the strains and stresses facing GPs. They are our first and principal port of call when we need to access NHS services. Yet:

  • Practices are merging or closing;
  • Workload problems are leading to burnout or early retirement;
  • The NHS wants GPs to do more to relieve the load on hospitals;
  • Plans to boost GP numbers are way off target;
  • Few GPs welcome extra admin and new organisational structures.

What are the answers?

  • Will switching to digital help reduce workload?
  • What does Primary Care Home mean for doctors and patients?
  • How do new roles such as healthcare assistants, community pharmacists and nurse practitioners fit in?

We are fortunate to have recruited highly qualified speakers to lead our debate. They are Dr MC Patel, new Chair of Brent Clinical Commissioning Group, and long-serving Brent GP, and Dr Pauline Foreman, Medical Director for Practice Support at the Royal College of General Practitioners, and also a GP in Hertfordshire.

Download the flyer.