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Brent Health and Social Care Plan (formerly called STP) May 2018 Update


Update from May 2018

Transforming Care

  • Individuals in placements. We will be working with providers to review and improve the process for case managing individuals at risk of- or already in in-patient settings.
  • Integrated LD team. We aim to have a joint health and social care team to support people with Learning disabilities. Feedback from users would be helpful, particularly to inform how the team can more pro-actively support their needs.
  • Population based commissioning intelligence. Developing a better understanding of the support needs of people with a learning disability in order to pro-actively inform and stimulate the market to develop. Feedback from users would be helpful to inform us what support needs are currently not adequately addressed.

 Mental Health

  • Crisis: We are developing a training programme to improve the customer skills of frontline staff to better support people who are emotionally distressed.
  • Place of Sanctuary: We are testing the appetite and opportunity to develop a non-professional drop in café for people who are experiencing mental health crisis. User feedback would be helpful to inform how to co-create the offer with service users.
  • Psychosis: We are developing a training programme to improve the early recognition of psychosis warning signs to improve early diagnosis of people with psychosis.
  • Primary care liaison: Developing a service that works with primary care to support people with stable psychosis.
  • Provider network: We would like to facilitate development of a provider network to share information and build relationships in order to better support people with mental health. User feedback would be helpful to inform the areas where providers can work more collaboratively.


  • Tobacco: We will continue to offer smoking cessation services, and work with partners to promote/ create smoke-free environments
  • Social prescribing: We will bring together our Care Navigator and SIBI services.
  • Childhood obesity: We will continue to deliver a range of core public health programmes that support positive health behaviours, such as the Daily Mile. Our 0-19 weight management service will continue to operate. User/ resident insight would be helpful to help inform future projects that aim to tackle childhood obesity
  • Thrive: We will develop and implement a local action plan to promote mental health and wellbeing. User/ resident experience would be helpful to inform the development of this plan.


  • Park Royal Masterplan: We are working with OPDC to create a masterplan for the Park Royal Neighbourhood centre, which includes CMH. Residents will be provided an opportunity to feedback on the draft local plan/masterplan during a public consultation phase
  • We will explore how CMH can become more dementia friendly. This process will involve engaging with people with lived experience and any additional user experience will be valuable and help guide this work.

 Older People

  • Home First continue to operate, and is helping to get people home from hospital faster.
  • A range of projects are underway to enhance the support and care of people within care homes. This includes delivering bespoke training to care homes, ensuring homes have access to enhanced GP support and telemedicine, and projects to improve communications between hospital and care homes.