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Understanding the experience of accessing a GP in Brent


Two women surrounded by speech bubbles asking questions about GP access


How easy is it for patients to arrange a GP appointment in Brent? Are people able to speak to a doctor when they need to? Is it possible to arrange face-to-face appointments? 

These questions are at the heart of our new GP Access project, which aims to understand how easily patients can currently access their GPs in Brent and what improvements need to be made. We know that GP Access is a big area of concern for residents and professionals alike, and this project will allow us to work with patients and practices to understand the challenges that they’re facing.

In order to do this, our team will be gathering information in two ways. We have selected a small number of GP Practices to visit in person, sending in authorised representatives to speak to staff and patients and collect examples of best practice as well as areas for improvement.

At the same time, we’ll also be running a borough-wide survey to gather views from a diverse range of Brent residents. This will ensure that everybody has the opportunity to contribute – including those whose voices are not often heard. By taking our survey out to community groups, we can give more people the opportunity to participate. 

The information we gather will be used to improve GP access in Brent. This will include making recommendations for individual practices, ensuring that there is information available to help people when booking their appointments, and making sure staff are able to support vulnerable groups. We will also be able to identify trends and make system-wide recommendations.

Want to get involved? Here are two things that you can do today:

  • Complete the GP experience survey. We’re interested in hearing all views, positive and negative, and it only takes a few minutes to complete the survey.
  • Share the survey with a friend or neighbour who lives in Brent. By encouraging your community to take part, you can help the people you care about get their views heard. 
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